European Fund Survey

We asked European pension fund professionals, who collectively oversee €324 billion in assets, questions about their investments.

Demystifying social impact investing in UK social infrastructure

What is social, impact investing and social infrastructure? ‘Social’ is about people and places contributing to net positive outcomes for those who receive and deliver (essential) services, and wider stakeholders such as their families and communities.

The Liquidity Kink Revisited

In 2022, we wrote about a feature of the pensions risk transfer market we termed ‘the liquidity kink’. A year on, many pension schemes can now afford to buy-out with an insurer, yet schemes still hold illiquid assets.

It’s time to focus on the health sector

New AlphaReal commissioned research with UK Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) fund professionals reveals that three quarters of respondents cite the health sector as suitable for a social impact infrastructure allocation.

The liquidity kink

Are pension schemes missing out on the illiquidity premium? Investing in secure income illiquid assets can bring more certainty to a scheme’s journey plan. The ‘liquidity kink’ means schemes targeting buy-out believe they can’t exploit the illiquidity premium.