Secure income made simple guide

This secure income made simple guide will show why secure income can play a role in helping pension investors achieve their investment objectives and that now could be an excellent time to capture the opportunity at an attractive price.

Higher inflation can put additional strain on pension schemes’ ability to pay out pensions as they fall due. There is an increased focus on cashflow, including developing “cashflow waterfalls”, to ensure that pensions can be paid without the scheme needing to sell assets, perhaps at an inopportune time. In addition, some schemes are looking to de-risk their investment portfolios and increase investment in productive finance. Secure income is an asset class that can potentially help solve several of these challenges.

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European Commercial Ground Rents

Commercial Ground Rents (‘CGR’) provide investors with index linked cashflows that have bond-like characteristics and offer property owners an attractive form of long-term finance. The parties to a CGR are akin to a borrower and lender, although the relationship is governed by a lease not a loan.

European Fund Survey

We asked European pension fund professionals, who collectively oversee €324 billion in assets, questions about their investments.

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