Back to school | Specialist fund manager AlphaReal delivers additional educational capacity

AlphaReal, the specialist manager of secure income real assets, has announced that through its Social Long Income Fund (SLIF), it has created 250 new places at nurseries and special educational needs facilities across three facilities in the UK.

Through its fund, which is targeting pension schemes and other institutional investors, AlphaReal has supported the repurposing of existing real estate to create best in class educational facilities, which deliver genuine, transparent and measurable impact to People, Place and Planet without sacrificing returns.

The investments in the UK’s early years and special educational needs facilities also significantly enhance environmental performance through improved EPC ratings and tangible embodied carbon savings equivalent of up to 11 years of energy use.

By aligning institutional capital with essential education services, AlphaReal is able to make a difference to local communities and the long-term future of children in the UK.

James Murray, Co-Head of Social Infrastructure, AlphaReal said: “We’re delighted to have deployed our clients’ capital in these assets. These are high quality real estate assets that should provide long-term inflation-linked returns, alongside providing much needed educational capacity in the UK.”

Ed Palmer, Co-Deputy CEO and CIO at AlphaReal said: “Early years education and special educational needs facilities are essential services for local communities and we are proud to be expanding our capacity in this area, providing excellent, energy efficient buildings that make a real difference.”

On 15 September AlphaReal was awarded ‘Impact Manager of the Year’ for the second year at the LAPF Investments Awards 2023, which follows its win as Impact Manager of the Year at the Professional Pensions Awards in June.

The two honours reflect AlphaReal’s positive social and environmental impact as a core focus alongside financial returns to investors.

Stuart Hanson, Associate Director, Client Solutions at AlphaReal said: “The shortage of fit-for-purpose social infrastructure assets in the UK is estimated to be more than £50 billion, and education in the UK represents a £10 billion investable opportunity. By helping connect private institutional investment with social infrastructure projects, we can help to fill that gap while delivering long-term, resilient, inflation-linked income streams for investors.”

AlphaReal’s award-winning social infrastructure offering focuses on three key pillars – health, housing & education. It has deployed over £1.2 billion into assets that provide positive social value.

You can learn more from AlphaReal’s papers ‘Demystifying social impact investing in UK social infrastructure’ and Day nurseries | An opportunity for institutional investors to achieve real returns and real impact’.

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